Hiding from the thunder, video and sound

Just Be As Though You Were Not There At All – how to perform or not to perform yourself at home, in the forest or while crossing the lobby of Väre building at Aalto University


preface / abstractish

This thesis studies the space as a performance. I consider three different spaces as places that can be observed as constructed performances and explore my own relation to them as a person performing in/with them. The places are Väre building lobby in Aalto university Otaniemi, Letonniemi nature reserve in Oulu and my back yard, also in Oulu Finland. My work will consist mostly of video/sound pieces and performances implemented in these spaces.

Objective is to explore what kind of representations evoke while being and performing in them and analyse these representations by phenomenological aesthetics, sociological and psychological theories of self-representation such as Ervin Goffman’s writings, Baudrillard’s simulation theory and existential semiotics. I also reflect the outcomes of my work in relation to the examples and writings of site-specific art,(rituality) and different modes and ideas about performativity in art.




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  1. Performing the space and yourself in the space​​​​​​

  2. Methodology and knowledge base

  3. Approaches, intentions, and expectations

  4. simulating the space

  5. counter acting, being the audience “spectactor”

  6. creating the space by performing

  7. the ritual of the space

  8. researching the space by performing

  9. Performing in three different spaces

    1. Väre lobby

    2. Letonniemi forest

    3. Back yard of my home

  10. conclusions

Creating reality !?

Performing the self and with yourself - attributes and identity of an individual as an artistic medium

Performativity of a Body as a material

Representation - setting and semiotics

the ritual - performing the space and with the space

Performing the experience of the space

Presence of the body as a signifier

Interaction and the power

Space-Body-Ritual : Performativity in the City

Reena Tiwari

....relationship between space, body, and ritual. The space, both public and private, is not seen as something exterior to the body, but becomes an integral part of the performing body.


"The sensory space is the perceived space. Mental space, or the space imagined, is conceived space. These two moments of space are reconciled by living space through the body and that is when the embedded social dimensions are rendered visible."


Gofmann - participant / observer


When the flow of activity occurs repeatedly or ritulaistically, the space starts to become delineated or defined and can be termed as a space of practice... The space begins to be identified by that activity. It aquires a quality firstly due to its physical elements, secondly through the ritualized actions occuring in it, and thirdly, through the way the active body responds to it.


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